Experiment: Gene expression analysis in Atlantic Herring in response to Temperature and CO2
Organisation: Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Experiment PI: Clemmesen-Bockelmann, Catriona
Start Date: 2014/04/01
End Date: 2014/07/18
Species: Clupea harengus
Life stage: Larvae
Sample Origin: Outdoor mesocosm experiment Espegrend 2010, indoor mesocosm experiment Kristineberg 2013
Responsible Person: Listmann, Luisa
Date of final data: 2016/12
Description: treatments: 3 levels of CO2 (Espegrend) (380, 1800, 4200uatm), 2 levels of CO2 (ambient, 1000ppm) & 2 levels of Temperature (ambient, 13°C) crossed design (Kristineberg)
Objectives/Hypothesis: The expression of a set of genes (32) was analyzed with respect to the different treatments. A subset of genes of different categories was used (Metabolism, Acid Base regulation, Immune system).
Community Context: [BIO-C3]
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