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Leg/Phase: IODP Exp.302
Cruise/Expedition: IODP
Platform: Vidar Viking
Departure/Return: Add…
Research Area: Lomonosov Ridge
Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX): Paleoceanographic and tectonic evolution of the central Arctic Ocean

In August - September 2004, the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 
embarked on its first "Mission-Specific Platform" expedition to drill the 
Lomonosov Ridge in the Arctic Ocean. The expedition consisted of three ships -
 the 75,000 HP Nuclear Icebreaker "Sovietskiy Soyuz", the Swedish 
icebreaker "ODEN", and the Baltic icebreaker "Vidar Viking" which was 
specially modified to function as a drill ship
Organizing Institution: unknown
Chiefscientist: N.N.
Chiefscientist's Affiliation: unknown
Vicechiefscientist: N.N.
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