51 NumericModels  

Config Description Regions Rootmodel Experiments Files
AMM7 (NEMO) Atlantic Margin Model, 7 km resolution of the European shelf waters. Terrain-following z-sigma coordinate. 300s time step. 20W - 13W 40N - 65N NEMO v3.6 [EJK002, EJK001, EJK003] 0
BSIOM Baltic Sea Ice-Ocean Model Baltic Sea [WAVE/O2] 0
Bern3D-PISCES Biogeochemical Model global [omega4, delta2, _ctrl, o2, _ctrl, d2, omega2, _scen, d4, _scen, o2, _ctrl, o4, _scen, d1, _scen, o1, delta1, _ctrl, d4, _ctrl, o1, omega1, _ctrl, d1, _scen, o4, delta4, _scen, d2] 0
FOCI Flexible Ocean and Climate Infrastructure (FOCI) is a new Earth system model. [01] 0
INALT20 nested OGCM (1/20 degree nest within 0.25 degree global ocean). ORCA025 [-] 0
MPIOM/HAMOCC HAMOCC is a sub-model that simulates biogeochemical tracers in the oceanic water column and in the sediment. www.mpimet.mpg.de/en/science/models/mpiom.html [Opt134, Half, Opt24, Opt1, Equi, NDia, Opt2, Ref, Opt3, Dia, Opt4, Seas-at, Coast] 0
ORCA2 NEMOv3.6 ORCA2 NPZD biogeochemical model Global [SynopticVariability, PDOexperiments] 0
ORION12 nested OGCM (1/12 degree nest within 0.5 degree global ocean). ORCA05 [-] 0
TRATL10 GCM ORCA05 [K001.spinup, K003.hindcast, K004.hindcast] 0
UVic-updates-opem Optimality-based plankton ecosystem model (OPEM) for the UVic-ESCM. OPEM includes optimality-based formulations for phytoplankton, diazotrophs, and zooplankton. Variable C:N:P stoichiometry is implemented for phytoplankton, diazotrophs, and detritus. It is mainly based on the version of Nickelsen et al. (2015) GMD. Global UVic ESCM-2.9 [H, default] 1
VIKING20X.L46 nested OGCM (1/20 degree Atlantic nest within 0.25 degree global ocean) https://www.geomar.de/forschen/fb1/fb1-od/ocean-models/viking20x/ ORCA025 [KKG36013H, KKG36101H] 0