Frequently asked questions about  OSIS


I want to have the events of a cruise imported into OSIS:

  • we routinely import stations from the DSHIP system and inform the chief-scientist.
  • please contact us, if you miss a certain cruise

I want to upload data to a model experiment:

  • first choose a main model or create one
  • create your model experiment as child of the main model
  • upload files to your experiment

I want to upload data to an experiment for my project:

  • first choose your project as 'Context' 
  • choose an experiment or create one
  • upload files to your experiment


I uploaded a file, but my colleagues can't download it:

  • you have to tick the 'open access for community' checkbox, when uploading
  • your colleague has to log in

I want to link my publication to my files in OSIS:

  • You tell the Library OR
  • You can add a link to the leg/event/eventnetwork/model where the files belong to. Please choose 'print publication' as link type. if you change this link, please tell the Library about it. 

I want to download all CTD events, but I get only 1000 events: 

  • your have to log in


I want to download a file:

  • you can download files by clicking on the bold file name
  • if the file name isn't bold, you aren't logged in or you don't have the permission 


I have another question or comment: