Anahí Brun

Home country: Argentina

University enrolled: University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Area: Physical Oceanography/Biology

Instrument: Oxygen optode

Science theme: Direct forcing of the upper ocean through the wind

About myself: My name is Anahí Brun from Argentina and I am a biologist graduated from the National University of Río Cuarto in 2010 and I am a PhD student in Oceanography at the University of Buenos Aires. My advisors are Alberto Piola and  Marcelo Acha.  My PhD research project involves the “Transoceanic fluxes in southern Patagonia". The main objective of this research is to determine the degree of connection between the Humboldt and Atlantic Patagonian marine ecosystems around southern South America through the analysis of physicochemical characteristics of the water masses and main zooplankton groups associated (copepods, amphipods and euphausiids).

My interest in studying the ocean is because the marine ecosystems and the diversity of species that compose it, provide a wide range of resources and ecosystem services both importance for commercial and conservation. To understand the interactions between species and the marine environment, and develop management tools is necessary to know what forcing determine the properties distribution in the ecosystem.

My interest to participate in the cruise is because my PhD project has a strong component in physical and biological. This is a great experience and professional opportunity for me to get such important knowledge in different disciplines in a relative short time and from distinguished scientists. Also, is an excellent opportunity to interact with international students and investigators to exchange views on each other’s, but also a perfect time to create new relations for future collaboration.