Christina Schmidt

Home country: Germany

University enrolled: Christian-Albrechts University Kiel (Germany)

Area: Physics of the Earth System

Instrument: CTD system

Science theme: The Vema Channel – and the warming of the ocean abyssal waters

About myself: I am studying meteorology and oceanography in my fifth 5 bachelor semester at the Christian-Albrechts University and the GEOMAR in Kiel, Germany. I have applied for this cruise because I would like to know more about the South Atlantic and I haven’t been on a science cruise yet. Therefore I am interested in how to get the different data, as practical methods are only a small part of our studies. I think that this is a really good opportunity to do my first own little science project. I am also looking forward to meet students from other countries and disciplines as this internationality and multidisciplinarity is a very important part of earth sciences. During school, I already took part in a summer school twice with scientist from various institutes and ones even with pupil from Europe and Africa, which was a great experience influencing my current course of studies.

Since my earliest childhood, I have loved to spend holidays at the ocean. I was also always interested in math and physics, so studying the physics behind the oceans, the atmosphere and the whole climate system was the logical decision. After moving to Kiel, I started to go sailing and just love to spend time out on the water.