Laís Lopes

Home country: Brazil

University enrolled: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (Brazil)

Area: Biological Oceanography

Instrument: Environmental Characterization Optics - ECO

Science theme: Agulhas Rings - Biology

About myself: I graduated from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG)-Rio Grande/Brazil in Bachelor in Oceanography in 2015. Currently I am a master student in the program of postgraduate of Oceanografia Biológica from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG). My interest in working on the cruise began when I received the e-mail talking about it and I saw on it an opportunity to improve my oceanography knowledge and to learn other points of view on oceanography science. My interesting on the ocean began when I was a little child. Nowadays I feel oceans are one of the most beautiful things of nature. We have a lot to learn with them and about them, since their biology, chemistry, geology and physic. Besides, as I work with zooplankton I pay more attention in this organisms which are so important to the food web of the oceans and their importance are, most of the time, forgotten by the scientific world. Also, as an oceanographer I attempt to make a connexion between zooplankton and others areas of oceanography, because they are all linked in the ocean and rely on each other, for instance, exist studies that provide a relationship between zooplankton and biological pumping, concerning the sinking of the CO2 until the bottom of ocean, and buried in it.